Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Oh what a June it was!

From packing up our house in British Columbia, to saying many many tearful goodbyes...

To leaving our first home and starting our long journey from the West Coast through the Prairies, with many beautiful stops along the way...

To arriving in a province I've never been to move into a house I'd never seen...

If June wasn't full  already with setting up house in an unknown place, I had to add a job hunt and interviews (I landed a GREAT job that I start on Friday thankfully) to the mix. And then, last week, after only 3 weeks of being here, my dear mom visited us and it was wonderful getting to show her  (and me!) around Winnipeg. We also got to meet some long lost family who live here and I'm related to a possibly Olympic-bound curler! Very neat.

I would say June was an exciting, thrilling, and adventurous month and then it turned into an emotional one. My dear Sadie (our first mini dachshund) injured her back and was diagnosed with IVDD (intervertabral disc disease).

It's a serious one and it absolutely crushed us. Thankfully we realized the signs and got her to the vet right away, otherwise we could have risked paralysis setting in fully. She's currently on strict bedrest and can only leave her crate to go to the bathroom (which is so sad because now that she's starting to feel a little better she wants out of that thing so badly!). We only have 7 weeks and few days left to go! It's definitely put a crimp in our summer ... we couldn't join our neighbours for the Canada Day celebration downtown because we had to be home to help Sadie stand up to relieve herself. She's worth it though. (If you ever have questions regarding this disease/ dachshund back problems, please don't hesitate to contact me!)

Needless to say, June hasn't been a month of projects (except for the dining chairs I refinished) or decorating (except for putting our existing stuff into place) so there is still quite a bit to do this summer! I'm IN LOVE with our walk in pantry except for those gosh darn ventilated wire shelves (any advice?). I can't wait to tackle the pantry here and get some great systems organized for the laundry room.

Now, I have about a months worths of blogs to catch up on, so please don't think that I've strayed too far! I can't wait to see what some of you talented people have been up to. Happy Summer!